50 Amazing Tattoos by Arlo DiCristina

These 50 Amazing Tattoos by Arlo DiCristina is so Stunning That Even Your Mom Will Approve

Gone are the times when tattoos are just for sailors and bikers. Getting a piece of tattoo is sort of a rite of passage these days. And when you’re considering going under the needle, you’re in excellent company: according to an NBC News poll, 40% of respondents mentioned someone in their family has a tattoo.

To get a tattoo permanently etched into your skin, it better be awesome, stunning and special. To inspire you with your next tattoo piece, listed below are 50 amazing tattoos by Arlo DiCristina that will make you want to book the soonest possible appointment to get tattooed.

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Aztec inspired tattoo on chest

Mans face morphed in rocky mountains tattoo

Morph tattoo of a Deer skull and Trout

Awesome Tattoos by Arlo DiCristina

spooky face tattoo

amazing hand tattoo holding a heart

Aegir Norse God of Water Tattoo

An awesome zombie pirate tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Awesome morphed tattoo of a woman

Stunning Koi fish tattoo

stunning kings face tattoo

Skull tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Tattoos by Arlo

Arlo DiCristina tattoos

Arlo DiCristina tattoos

Devil with huge horns tattoo

Half Sleeve tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Half Sleeve tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Half Sleeve tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Morphed tattoo of a spiky vine and a human face tattoo

stunning phoenix tattoo

owl at night tattoo

Owl and Clock tower morph tattoo

skull tattoo on hand

Angry swan tattoo

Stunning tattoo of Jesus Christ

swan and octopus tattoo

Torn skin armor tattoo

Killer Vulture tattoo

Zombie Pilot tattoo

3D foot steps on mudd tattoo

awesome Medusa tattoo

awesome Medusa tattoo

Old man and galaxy morphed tattoo

Mechanical elephant tattoo

Joker and Gotham city face morph tattoo

Hand tree morph tattoo

Half-sleeve flower tattoo

Half moon Half sun face morph tattoo

Futuristic Charles Darwin tattoo

Elk skull and tree morph tattoo

dragons fierce head tattoo

Face Morph tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

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