Bob Morehead Creates Amazing Sculptures Using Toothpicks

Artist Bob Morehead Creates Amazing Sculptures Using Toothpicks
Amazing Sculptures Made of Toothpicks

When we see and think a box of toothpicks we would just see a regular box of toothpicks. However, Bob Morehead sees so much more potential. He spent couple of years and over 300,000 toothpicks creating his unique and amazing sculptures.

The intricate buildings that he created using toothpicks became part of something bigger and he calls it “toothpick city”. See this jaw-dropping and amazing sculptures using toothpicks.

Source : DevianArt

Escape Tower – toothpick sculpture mounted on a slice of basswoodEscape Tower - Made of toothpicks

Abby Gail Tower consists of approx. 10,000 toothpicks.

Abby Gail Tower - Made of toothpicks

Nikki’s Treehouse – He remounted this piece on a slice of basswood which consists 5,000 toothpicks.

Nikki's Treehouse - Made of toothpicks

From Left to Right – Nikki’s Treehouse, Escape, and Abby Gail Tower. Combined, they are well over 20,000 toothpicks.

Amazing toothpick sculpture masterpiece

This section is his “Toothpick City” consist of over 100,000 toothpicks. He’s working for it for about 8 years.

Jaw-dropping toothpick sculpture

Intricate sculptures using toothpicks

Bob’s Toothpick City is currently over 300,000 toothpicks and still growing. No molds, forms or any other material has been used to build it, just toothpicks and wood glue.

Bob's Toothpick City

Awesome sculpture using toothpick

Awesome sculpture using toothpick

flower on a post sculpture using toothpick



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