15 Amazing Animal Origami Artwork in the Wild

15 Amazing Animal Origami Artwork in the Wild

Here is an awesome collection of amazing animal origami artwork. An artist who goes by the name of FoldedWilderness created this awesome lifelike origami animals and photograph them in their natural surroundings.

Blue Jay : These stunning Blue Jay bird origami artwork is first painted with acrylics before it is made.

Bllue jay bird origami artwork

Spring Arisen : A rabbit origami artwork that blends into it’s natural surroundingsBunny origami artwork
A Donkey’s Journey: Is only made from a single sheet paper

Donkey origami artwork

A Landscape More Beautiful : An origami of a stallion horse that watches over the forest.

Stallion Horse in the wild origami artwork

The Howling Wolf : An awesome photo of a howling wolf that would leave an impression to you

Stunning howling wolf origami artwork

Dog : A Cute Jack Russel Terrier Dog Origami Artwork
A Cute Jack Russel Terrier Dog Origami Artwork
A Wild Chocobo Appears : This one is for all the fans of Final Fantasy’s Chocobo!

Final Fantasy’s Chocobo origami artwork

Fox : Good things come in pairs, they say. That’s definitely true when it comes to origami animals.

Playing Fox Origami Artwork

baby fox origami artwork

Singing Cardinal Bird : A lot of skill and patience has been put in to create this awesome origami piece.

A Singing Cardinal Bird Origami Artwork

Raccoon : The raccoons are origami made each from a single square of painted paper.

Awesome raccon origami artwork

Where the Antelope Play : The first origami animal that FoldedWilderness ever made using hand-painted paper.

Antelope origami artwork

The Magical Unicorn : The unicorn stands alone, still as frost.

The Magical Unicorn Origami Artwork

Candy Pink Unicorn : A mythical creature that I thought is a monster when I was a kid.

Candy Pink Unicorn Origami Artwork

Tyrannosaurus Rex : Made from a single uncut square of paper, painted beforehand

Tyrannosaurus Rex Origami Artwork



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