Amazing 3D Wooden Sculptures by AJ Fosik

Amazing 3D Wooden Sculptures by AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik an artist based from Portland, Oregon creates bright, colorful and amazing 3D wooden sculptures that really looks vibrant illustrations come to life.

His work was presented in an exhibit titled “Against the Infinite”. He uses locally produced lumber from Oregon. The interpretive works are featured as both eye-popping wall mounts and stand-alone sculptures.

Amazing Wood Carving Design

Amazing 3D Wooden Sculpture

Awesome Wooden Sculpture

Outstanding Wooden Sculpture

Amazing Wood Sculpture

Awesome Wood Sculpture by AJ Fosik

Two Headed Cow Sculpture

Colorful Wooden Bear Sculpture

Awesome Wooden Sculptures

Amazing Wooden Sculptures

3D Wooden Sculptures

Wood Sculpture

Cool Wood SculptureAJ Fosik’s Website



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