6 Lobster Places You Can Travel Miles For
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Crazy for Lobster? 6 Lobster Places You Can Travel Miles For

Without a doubt, people love lobster. Whether you want it prepared in a healthy way or floating in butter, these six lobster places are worth traveling miles to find.

Maine and East Coast Lobster Havens

six lobster places are worth traveling miles to find.

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1. Bagaduece Lunch in Brooksville, Maine — This lobster shack is award-winning and locally known as the place to go for outstanding seafood including lobster. Expect to stand in line to get in, but the wait is well worth the time investment. Menu items include overstuffed lobster rolls that will spoil you. Open for business since 1946, it’s time-tested and patron approved. Well worth the trip.

2. Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar, New York, New York — This is a place with sophisticated menu options at very reasonable prices. They serve the freshest lobster supplied by LobsterPlace.  The Lobster Pho is a delicate mix of seafood options, and the Lobster Roll is done Maine style or Connecticut style. Beautifully prepared and delicious enough for every day.

Scotland’s Lobster Hot Spot

3. The Squat Lobster — Rothesay, Scotland on the Isle of Bute. Beautifully located on the harbor. Known as the best local chippy place, the food here is amazing. Expect old style fish and chips and outstanding lobster. The difference is that the owners insist on the freshest fish and lobsters. You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.

Rome’s Lobster Ristorante di Eccellenza

4. Ristorante La Stiva, Rome, Italy — Lobster extraordinaire. Chef Antonio Madonna is a food artist who transforms the best, freshest ingredients into meals that stay with you forever. The lobster here is unbelievable. Ristorante La Stive cooks all of their lobster in the Italian tradition. Be pleasantly surprised by this unassuming restaurant.

The Best Lobster in Paris — Le Meilleur Homad a Paris

5. Ecailler de Bistro Paris, France — Outstandingly fresh seafood including wild caught lobsters. Their seafood is so fresh that the menu changes daily based on what the local fishermen bring in during the morning. Expect a variety of lobster dishes including lobster in pastry. The unique menu keeps you coming back for more. The wine list is divine.

Lobster Sushi Perfection

6. Sushi Ono, Shibuya district, Tokyo, Japan — This little shop is the place to go to find some of the world’s best sushi including delectable fare made with lobster. The list of choices for lobster sushi is long and guests of the restaurant wait in lines to get a seat here. The Sashimi is addicting, and the lobster is fresh.

Wherever you travel for the best lobster, consider that lobster is a main ingredient in many types of dishes. While many of us prefer lobster tail, you might flip your boat for an exquisitely prepared lobster bisque, lobster ravioli, or lobster in a sashimi roll.

These fine restaurants have mastered the art of lobster and create meals that not only satisfy you, but keep you coming back for more. What they have in common is the best, freshest lobster and seafood available, all prepared by master chefs for your pleasure. Are you ready for your lobster fix?

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