The BEst Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial
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5 of the Most Iconic Super Bowl commercials

The finale of the football season has considered some stellar commercials. Here is our pick of the advertisements that changed the face of prime-time.

On fifteenth January 1967, America was treated to the very first Super Bowl. Since then, it has gone on to develop into a major annual sporting experience that’s watched by tens of millions throughout the United States. As time went on, an increasing number of audience tuned in not only to watch the sport but also the commercials.

With a price tag of $3million for 30 seconds of screen time, it is a major advertising trade when it comes to the Super Bowl. Now that Budweiser has revealed its 2014 Super Bowl advert ‘Ian Up For No matter‘, we reveal our pick of the 5 most iconic super bowl commercials to ever grace that premium adspace.

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 Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

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Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial on 1995

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Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial on 2007

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EDS Super Bowl Commercial on 2000

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Volkswagen Passat Super Bowl Commercial on 2011

This is the commercial that won the hearts of America and is a viral hit. Although the thousands of Star Wars enthusiasts would have helped the advertisement to its success, it’s ultimately the ingenious direction from Michael Kadin of Deutch LA that wowed the crowds.

And regardless of the $6million price tag for 60 seconds, it was also the first commercial to air on YouTube before it hit the Super Bowl-watching millions’ screens.

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