35 Awesome and Creative Ideas for Kids Photography
35 Awesome and Creative Ideas for Kids Photography

35 Awesome Examples of Kids Photography

Jason Lee takes creative photos of his two daughters for their grandmother who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The girls were constantly sick with cough and colds which prevented him on bringing his daughter to see their grandmother.

He decided to take awesome photos of his daughters which led to this awesome and creative kids photography ideas for some photographers and dads from all over the world.

 35 of the coolest and most creative kids photography for your inspiration.

Bread Winners

Bread Winner Inspired Photo

Chasing Cake

Chasing Cake Inspired Photo

This is why mommy don’t want bike in the house

no bike allowed in the house

Late for School

I dont want to goto school

Brushing your teeth they said

Brushing their teeth, sweet lover style

Look were on T.V

Look Were on TV

Swing it to the fullest

swing it till you drop

I did not hear anything

I did not hear any words you said

Tie Mom and Dad on series lights : accomplish

tie mom and dad on series lights : accomplish

Break that Piñata

Break that Piñata quickly

Soccer / Football catch that ball

soccer : your doing it right

Catch me if you can

catch me if you can

It’s Summer Time

Creative Kids Photography


time to study

Rapunzel lay down your hair

Creative Kids Photography

Santa and his reindeer

santa and his reindeer

Thanksgiving : prepare some turkey

kids learning to prepare turkey on thanks giving

Time to wake up Dad!

time for you to wakeup dad

Kisses for Daddy

lots of kisses for Daddy

Angry Birds

Creative Kids Photography

Before taking a bath

playing before taking a bath

Bath time

having fun while taking a bath

Laundry Time

laundry time

Cute Halloween witch

cute witches on Halloween

Playing with bubbles

Playing with bubbles

You need to grow fast

you need to grow fast

I will send you to outer space

send you to outerspace with this rocket

Time to iron this clothes

Ironing clothes

Super Daughter

strongest daughter ever

Little Red Riding Hood : So you are the big bad wolf!

little red riding hood chasing big bad wolf with a sword

Super Mario and Luigi

super mario and luigu

You want some Coffee?

you want some coffee?

This is how I sneeze

this is how I sneeze

Blow your Candles

blow your candles

Let’s end this post with a nice bath

Awesome and Creative Ideas for Kids Photography

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