Nature Forgot To Color These 25 Adorable Albino Animals

Nature Forgot To Color These 25 Adorable Albino Animals

Some of the animals on this list are albinos, while others are merely members of rare white species. Regardless of the case, mankind has been fascinated by these animals for a long time. Some believe them to be sacred, and others – demonic.

Albinism is a type of hypopigmentary congenital disorder, characterized through a partial lack or complete absence of melanin pigment within the eyes, skin and hair, or more rarely within the eyes alone. Because of this, animals (and humans too) with albinism are strangely pale. The eyes of an animal with albinism once in a while seem red as a result of the underlying retinal blood vessels displaying through where there’s no sufficient pigment to cover them.

Whether or not you find them bizarre, beautiful or weird we hope you enjoy this collection of animals that nature merely forgot to color in. Albino animals do not survive well in the wild, color is an important part of animals staying alive. these adorable albino animals are better off in captivity.

Albino Hedgehog

Cute Albino HedgehogImage source: ~bex~

Albino Frog

Albino frogImage source: John A. Painter

Albino Lion

Albino LionImage source: Chad Cocking

Albino Penguin

albino penguinImage source:

Albino Raccoon

Albino raccoonImage source: Brian Masters

Albino Snake

albino snakeImage source: mandapandapics

Albino Alligator

rare albino alligatorImage source: Travis S.

Albino Crow

Albino crowImage source: aberlin2009

Albino Deer

Mother Albino DeerImage source: jeanniepaul

Albino Echidna

albino echidnaImage source: ACT Parks & Conservation Service

Albino Gorilla

cute albino gorillaImage credits: Nature

Albino Hummingbird

albino hummingbirdImage source: Marty Jones

Albino Kangaroo

albino kangarooImage source: spen1972

Albino Moose

albino mooseImage credits:

Albino Skunk

rare albino skunkImage source:

Albino Softshell Turtle

albino soft-shell turtleImage source: Steel Wool

Albino Sparrow

cute albino sparrowImage source: dave and sue

Albino Squirrel

Cute Albino SquirrelImage source: Badger Steve

Albino Humpback Whale

amazing photo of an albino humpback whaleImage source:

Albino Zebra

rare albino zebraImage source:

White Kiwi

White KiwiImage source:

White Peacock

White peacockImage source: Stefan Willoughby

White Tiger

White TigerImage source: curiodities

Albino Magpie

Albino MagpieImage source: brianhopper

Albino Camel

Albino Camel

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