20 Of The Most Amazing Tattoos by Nicki Norberg

Niki Norberg is an extraordinarily talented and phenomenal Sweden based tattoo artist, who creates amazing tattoos as you will see in this post . On 2001 Niki was working as a professional tattoo artist, current project of Niki has worked out of Gothenburg’s Wicked Tattoo.

The artist is known for his naturalistic and extremely detailed portrait tattoos and he has compiled an enormous following on-line. On Facebook, artist has 183,000 likes and on Instagram has over 285,000 followers. Below are 20 of the most awesome tattoos by Niki Norberg for this year.

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Full sleeve raven tattoo by Nicki Norberg

Full Sleeve Greek Theme Tattoo

Full Sleeve Greek Theme Tattoo

Flower and Heart Mash-up Tattoo on arm

Awesome Eye tattoo on Arm by Nicki Norberg

An Awesome Elephant Tattoo On Right Hand

Fierce Dog Face Tattoo by Nick Norberg

Decaying Indian Man Tattoo

Cool Full Sleeve Tattoo For Men by Nicki Norberg

Cute Bulldog With Wings Tattoo by Nicki Norberg

An Awesome and Detailed Greek God Tattoo

amazing full sleeve tattoo by Niki Norberg

7 deadly sins tattoo

The Root of all evil tattoo

Stylish Peacock Tattoo

Awesome Owl Tattoo

Native Indian With Bear Head Hat Tattoo

Half sleeve angel tattoo

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