17 of the Most Stunning Photos of Animals in Winter

17 Stunning Photos of Animals in Winter
17 of the Most Stunning Photos of Animals in Winter

We have recently showcased about breathtaking photos of winter landscapes, however this post showcase stunning photos of animals in winter; all through the animal kingdom, birds and beasts that are living in colder climates have different adaptations to assist them survive the winter’s harsh climate.

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Winter Smile by Alina S

Cat's Winter Smile

Snow Bulldozer by Marcin Kesek

Dog on Winter : Snow Bulldozer

Pig by Radim Urban

Stunning Photo of a Pig during Winter

Pig with Winter Coat

Hare Snowed Under by Jules Cox

Hare Snowed Under

Daydream by Masatsugu Ohashi

Japanese Sable on Winter Photo

Migrating Tree Swallows got caught in a snow storm by Keith Williams

Migrating Tree Swallows got caught in a snow storm

Mother and Son by : Unkown

Deers in the Wild during Winter

Fairytale Fox by Roeselien Raimond

Fairytale Fox

The Snow Squirrel by Simon Phillpotts

The Snow Squirrel

Heavy Winter by Mikael Sundberg

Bird experienced heavy winter

Horse by Alexia Khruscheva

Horse running on thick snow

Arctic Fox by Edwin Kats

Stunning Photo of an Arctic Fox

Mountain Lion : photo credit: imgur.com

Mountain Lion on top of a dead tree

Yellow Eyes by Esmée Prexus

Cat with yellow eyes walking on ice

Ptarmigan bird used snow as shelter by Felix Smith

Ptarmigan bird used snow as shelter

The Northern Hawk Owl by imgur.com

Stunning Photo of The Northern Hawk Owl

Few of these pictures may just seem like animals are freezing, however that’s not 100% sure. Generally, the photographers are probably colder than the animals that they’ve photographed.


Mammals like foxes, cats and different furred critters need to handle regular body temperatures, so they frequently accrue stores of body fats and develop extra coats of winter fur to assist themselves to deal with the cold.

These winter coats create an additional layer of insulating air between their skin and the chilly air outside, and sometimes even develop in white to help them camouflage themselves of their new surroundings. Any individual with a breed of canine that has adapted to the cold, like a husky, knows how furry things can get after they begin shedding their winter coats.



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