These 15 Amazing Wrist Tattoos Is So Lovely That Even Your Parents Will Approve

Wrist is always visible and is a nice place to be tattooed on. We normally accessorize it with watch or bracelet, however these amazing wrist tattoos will change your mind. They look so cool that it might seem to be the ink version of jewelry or a fashion accessory.

Below are some of the best tattoos for your wrist, some are subtle tattoos that can be covered by clothes, watch and real bracelets but some of these wrist tattoos are bold and intricate. Few of the designs are ornamental, geometric and dotwork.

Geometric Tattoo on Wrist by Victor J Webster

Tattoo Artist : Victor J Webster

Amazing Wrist Tattoos for your inspiration

Artist : Delphine Noiztoy

Awesome Geometric Tattoo on wrist

Artist : Anais Bodson

3D tattoo on wrist by Bradley Pearce

Artist : Bradley Pearce

Mantra inspired tattoo on wrist

Artist : India Amara

Simple tattoo on wrist

Artist : Liran Raskin

Geometric Tattoo on wrist by Chaim Machlev

Artist : Chaim Machlev

Awesome Tattoos on Wrist

Artist : Daniel Ferguson

Simple yet Elegant Tattoo on Wrist

Artist : Daniel-Matsumöto

Amazing Tattoos on Wrist

Artist : Mike Amanita

wrist tattoo by Sasha Unisex

Artist : Sasha Unisex

Wrist tattoo by Elda Bernardes

Artist : Elda Bernardes

Floral with Geometric touch tattoo

Artist : Ema Sweeney

Ornamental Wrist Tattoo by Toma Pegaz

Artist : Toma Pegaz

Awesome Tattoo on Wrist by Thomas Hooper

Artist : Thomas Hooper



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