These 10 Terrible Jobs Will Make You Appreciate Yours

These Terrible Jobs Will Make You Not Complain About Your Work Again

It’s not surprising that around 70% of employees hate their job. I used to love my job at an office but sitting almost all the time on a 9 – 5 job is tiring and makes you fat and lazy. However, when I saw this disgustingly terrible jobs will help me appreciate the job that I have.

So for those people who currently hates their job then please take your time reading on this post that will make you appreciate and love your job back when you see these unfortunate people do for a living.

1. Manual Sewer Cleaner

This job still exists in third world countries like India. They go into sewers to clear blockage by getting the garbage blocking it. They are paid about £4 a day.

Manual Sewer Cleaner is One of the World's Dirtiest JobImage credit :

2. Embalmer

They deal with dead bodies by preparing them for burials, it may not sound bad but by preparing them means you need to drain their body fluids and replace them with gasses and preservatives to prevent them from decaying fast, then the final step is they sanitize the body by cleaning up any evacuation of faeces and urine.

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3. Animal Masturbator

You heard it right, people work to wank off horses and cows for a living. Researchers need it to do an animal fertility study and artificial insemination. Horses and cows get an old fashion hand-job from their human friends. lol

animal masturbator jobImage credit :

4. Portaloo or Portable Toilet Cleaner

Their job is to clean portable toilets, they’re cleaning tool is a large tank and a vacuum, this job makes garbage cleaning look like a luxury. Imagine having a task to clean a tipped over portaloo? Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to do.

Portable Toilet CleanerImage credit :

5. Body Odor Analyst

Cosmetic companies hire body odor analyst such as Dove to develop new scents. They’re also known as “skilled armpit sniffers”, they’ll probably very high at the end of their shift.

Body Odor Analyst job - smelling armpits for a lvingImage credit :

6. Proctologist

This job may sound good because you’re under the impression of working in a medical field, however this practice specializes in examining and probing anus of patients which made us decide to add this list as one of the terrible job a person can have.

ProctologistImage credit :

7. Abattoir Worker

This job requires you to slaughter animals like chickens, pigs for the meat industry. You also need to remove the animals hair, skin and drain any excrement.

Abattoir WorkerImage credit :

8. Sperm Bank Janitor

Everyone knows what goes down in a sperm bank, however are you know that there are janitors around that actually clean up the spilled mess?

Sperm Bank JanitorImage credit :

9. Colonic Irrigation

A different profession that involves anal, Colonic Irrigation involves flushing waste out of the body using water squirted through a tube inserted in the rectum.

Colonic IrrigationImage credit :

10. Fluffer

The name of the job sounds funny, however you will not laugh when you have this job. Your job is to keep the male porn-star aroused and always ready to rock on set.

Funny Fluffer Meme jobImage credit :



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