These Awesome Wolf Tattoos On Forearm For Men Will Surely Show Your Rebellious Side

The best place to start when having a tattoo is the forearm which gives the tattoo artist a lot of room to showcase their awesome and detailed tattoo piece. In this post, we showcase the Wolf which is one of the strongest and intelligent creatures living in the wild which definitely deserves a place on the forearm. Wolfs is hard to tame and is very powerful they are the kind of animal that values friendship and a strong family bond. Wolfs

These Colorful and Awesome Snake Tattoos Is What Snake Lovers Are Looking For

It’s estimated that there are 3,600 species of snakes and normally they are associated with darkness and danger. However, not one of them compares to these awesome and colorful snake tattoos by Zihee. ZIhee is well-known for her nature-inspired tattoo designs in Seoul, South Korea. The colorful and intricate details in her tattoos create a distinct style which makes it more unique, realistic and cartoonish at the same time. Below are some of the snake tattoos that she shared which

Artist Transforms Boring Starbucks Cup Into Stunning Works Of Art

Carrah Aldridge a 19-year-old artist from Ohio transforms boring Starbucks cup into stunning works of art that gives an awesome feel and look to it. She got her inspiration from Kristina Webb who drew amazing artworks on a cup. She tried doing it and it turned out to be one of her favorite things to do and now has collection that you can see below. She is using sharpies, white gel and copic markers on creating her awesome cup designs.

These Snakes Wearing Hats Will Make Your Fear of Snakes Go Away

Believe it or not snakes wearing hats has become a trend online. There’s even an entire subreddit that’s committed to this subculture. A lot of people have fear of snakes because of their reputation and for being aggressive. However seeing these snakes with hats could possibly overcome your fears to them. With them wearing hats your perception to them is cute and friendly which helps change the way you see them. Below are some of the photos of snakes wearing

15 Matching Couple Tattoos for your Relationship Inspiration

It became a trend for lovers to have matching couple tattoos and for some who is considering having one then these 15 matching couple tattoos will certainly give you the idea on what you should have with your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband. Tattoos is a way of telling the story of your life and a great way for couples whom spent years together should have something like these couple tattoos and for some choose classic symbols like the infinity sign, key

Amazing Things Will Emerge When Streets In South Korea Gets Wet

A group of designers from South Korea brought back the colors to Seoul by creating large vibrant paintings on the streets that only appears when it’s raining. The title of the project is “Project Monsoon”, they created this project for the annual monsoon season that will make the country experience rain for as long as 3 weeks. The group of designers used a special hydrochromatic paint that stays invisible until it gets wet. Below are the images that they released

This Enormous Fish Will Make You Reconsider Swimming In The Ocean

Photographer Miguel Pereira captured a rare footage of a large sunfish off the coast of Portugal. This enormous fish made the divers look small as it swims past them. The crystal blue water made this video look amazing. There were many divers that was astonished by this ginormous sunfish, they were taking pictures and videos of him and it looks like the sunfish is not bothered with their presence and acted like a runway fashion model.

What They Did To These Beach Waste Will Surely Make You Happy

Almost every product that we use everyday is made of plastic, when we go to the beach we bring a lot of stuff and a lot of plastic things being littered everywhere. However these 13 stunning giant sculptures will serve as a reminder that our society’s overuse of plastic that will make you reconsider recycling and making them to good use. An Oregon-based organization called “Big Bravo to Washed Ashore” created these amazing giant sculptures using beach waste and the

This Cute Squirrel Was Rescued After A Hurricane And Becomes Family’s Cutest Member

This cute squirrel in Louisiana was rescued after she fell from her nest during a hurricane, they named her Jill. With this squirrel’s antics she became famous on Instagram. The cute squirrels owner posted some info about Jill, where she has a cage and is usually given free run in their house and astonishingly trained to use a garbage can as her bathroom. More info: Instagram (h/t: thedodo, boredpanda)